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A Close Look at Adidas D Rose 1

For many fans, the Derrick Rose has always been the favorite basketball star in the bottom of their heart and it is the case for me as well. It is certain that the reason we are attracted by a person is because he/she has some gracious spirits. And Derrick Rose is just the guy like whom we are looking forward to becoming. He is a like a stubborn grass that is still able to regain the courage and strength to face life even if he has suffered a lot of pain.

And it is thrilling hearing that Derrick Rose has regained self-confidence for we fans and we are always there to support him as well as Rose series. So from the perspective of we fans, this Adidas D Rose 1 must be a fascinating model.

After Rose was integrated into Adidas, the brand has released 13 pairs of signature shoes of the 10th edition and Rose is also the 8th player in the NBA to have 10 consecutive versions of signature shoes of the same brand. Since last year, Adidas began to redesigned Derrick Rose’s AdiZero Rose 1.5 and Adidas D Rose 4 and good news is that adiZero Rose will keep the appointment as scheduled and will be available in the near future.

Long before adidas and Derrick Rose’s plan to release a Retro of Rose’s original signature shoe, many fans including me are looking forward to retro shoes of this series and the wish was finally realized; maybe this is the so called “there will be reverberations if you always bear it in mind.”

Rumor has it that “it seems more Derrick Rose Retro releases are underway because the images leak of a brand new version of the adidas adiZero Rose 1.” Anyway, let’s just wait and see. I believe time will reveal the answer for all of us.

I’ve brought with me two colorways of this Adidas D Rose 1 that Derrick Rose was expected to wear at this year’s NBA all-star skills challenge in Chicago. The white one is designed in homage to Rose with embroidered roses on the medial panel while the rest of the build is done in suede. The independent GeoFit system is still in the ankle collar while PureMotion, adiPrene cushioning, SprintFrame and a Cilia traction are all features of the shoes.

Although the releasing date is still unknown, it is certain that it will arouse a great deal of popularity. Of this latest adiZero Rose 1 we can see some novel details which are compelling.


Notwithstanding the unavailability of the shoes right now, we can still expect something of it and see what surprises it can bring to us. Anyway, I think the most important thing we learn from Derrick is that even in the face of setbacks and heartbreaking trouble, we have the right to change our fate and make it better.

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Zoom Kobe 6 Performance Review

Some time later, after several moths’ testing, it suddenly occurred to me that it is high time that I wrote a review about this Zoom Kobe 6 to relive fans’ anxiety. I should say that the overall impression of the shoes, during these times’ company, is dynamite. For more information about its performance, go on reading this review then.

For the shoe box, it is mainly black and printed on it are some basic information of the shoes. Regarding the laces, they are blue ones in the first, but I just changed them into orange ones because, in my opinion, they suit the lining much better.

Looking again at the outsole, I recollect the days when I wore the shoes to many matches and it was this Zoom Kobe 6 that has been with me the longest. It always reminded me that I had once wore it to several matches in one day and it also witnessed most of my happiness and sadness. Now the soles are worn out like this. You can see that the front part has oxidized into yellow and isn’t decent any more. Anyway, it can be said that that shoes of mine have spared no effort in the performance of its duty. 

For the durability, you don’t have to worry about it. I know some of you may wonder and ask that “the shoes have just lasted for several months?” Well, the answer is “yes”. However, when considering the durability of this shoes, you must factor in the intensity of my regular exercise. The fact is that I wore the shoes for my matches and I even wore them for several miles’ running. So, having such performance, the shoe can be said to be on top of the field.

The Venomenon on the toe, the kobe code on the outside of the shoe, and the hard scales on the upper surface are all nice designs of the shoes and make the shoe quite outstanding. Surely, you have got impressed right now at the sight of the images alone.

The Zoom Kobe vamp, which feels like ordinary thin plastic, is striking. The outside layer, the flying line of the middle layer and the inside mesh cloth all result in an excellent wrapping for the shoes. And the tongue mesh of the shoes contains some rigid polygonal air holes, thus giving air permeability and providing certain support. To speak truth, I like it very much and I think I can not praise it enough. The shoes do have some flaws, but they do have nice setups and excellent performance.

The left sole is printed “KB” and the right “24” and the sentence on them is “I want a shoe that molds to my foot.” Delicate! As for the midsole setup, the front is the shape of “goose-egg” zoom and the middle is a carbon piece. These are all classic Kobe shoes setups and if you are a fan of Kobe series, you must be very familiar with it .


As a fan of Kobe series for more than ten years, I sincerely hope that the shoes can put their potentials into full play and bring the most to fans. In my shoe closet, there lie several pairs of Kobe shoes and as time passed by, they are always my beloved ones and they will continue to company with me in the future. Last but not the least, whether this Zoom Kobe 6 suits you or not, I still hope you can find your the one that suits you most.

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Every year when the Australian open tennis season comes, it kicks off the tennis season. Now the Australian open tennis season is underway and in order to beckon more players to challenge themselves and seek more, ASICS grandly launched a new edition of high-tech tennis shoes GEL – RESOLUTION 8 which is designed in collaboration with ASICS’s global brand ambassador Gael Monfils,  a French player who has won eight ATP tour titles, and will also be wearing them for the new season. Surely, the shoes can live up to your expectations.

The Institute of Sport Science has conducted a thorough research to the tennis movement mechanics so that the newest model, the GEL-RESOLUTION 8, was finally developed and it is here to give us more surprises. Tatsuya Ishikawa, principal investigator of the institute’s footwear development team, remarked that “unlike linear running, tennis requires a much more varied form of movement and what we are going to do is make more breakthroughs based on the ground of the previous editions.” And over the years, their efforts are rewarded and we can see that the varied editions of Asics shoes are indeed being upgraded.

Studies also indicate that GEL – RESOLUTION 8, after being tested, has improved by  7.2% in dynamic braking force compared with  GEL – RESOLUTION  7, which can be of great help to players to control some unexpected situations. GEL – RESOLUTION 8 is more than suitable for tennis players because it can help them accurately defend and stroke back powerfully. This time, gels -RESOLUTION 8 launched RETRO TOKYO with ASICS classic red, blue and white color matching which is in homage to the 1964 TOKYO Olympic Games. Further, there are not only several colorways, but there are also some brilliant technologies, say, the DYNAWALL of the shoelaces  allows the player to change directions easily and offers fantastic wrapping and flexibility. Besides, the tongue is fixed to prevent the laces from loosening, making players rattled. And the special pattern on the outsole increases friction between the sole and the ground.

Gael Monfils said that as a professional tennis player, tennis shoes is a very important partner and the very  first requirement is stability and comfort of tennis shoes. Fortunately, GEL – RESOLUTION 8 happens to have excellent stability and strong grip. For me, the shoes can make me more confident for ir just gives me enough sense of balance and stability.

The ultimate goal of designing tennis shoes is for players to work against the clock and make them well prepared to stroke back. So under the circumstance, flexibility is necessary and this is what GEL – RESOLUTION 8 can provide for players.

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Adidas DAME 6 “Ruthless” Performance Review

With this season’s Leonard irregular scoring explosion, it is certain that there will be more surprises. And it is lucky that in early 2020 there finally came Adidas’s DAME 6,Lillard’s sixth signature shoe and the third model of Adidas that adopts lightstrike. Adidas DAME has always been a reputable and popular series with its shoes having outstanding appearance and practical performances. So when Adidas DAME 6 “Ruthless” was released, it is a model looked forward to by many fans.

Absolutely, this impressive DAME 6 has an overall bright appearance. Many people even observed that the shoes are “unforgettable” after the first sight. The DAME 6 that oftenest performs like a beast on court is worthy of the name “Ruthless”. Over the years, for me, DAME 1-5 has not been missed and certainly, this DAME 6 should also be included.  

With the exception of the midsole, the materials of the other parts of the shoe are of average components. However, with the existing technologies, Adidas added some details into the shoes which looks more inviting, right? The inside and outside asymmetrical vamp has been added with reflective materials whereas the  shoelaces are equipped with corresponding color + reflective material. On top of that, the tongue and the logo above it, the collar and the outsole are all compelling details of the shoes.

The layers of the mesh and shoelace make this pair of shoes a far cry model from others. The Adidas logo hidden on the outside of the heel forms a nice view with the horizontal stripes at the heel. And also,, the tongues of the shoes are made different, which is fantastic.

When the DAME 6 first came out, I felt it quite familiar, which was also confirmed later. In  retrospect, this yin-yang match had been seen in CP3 7 while that of DAME 6 was completed.

There is padding added inside the ankle and the wrapping is not bad as well providing that you pick the right size.

The fish bone grain + deep grains, from the perspective grip and durability,  are of great help. Looking  carefully at the sole, you may find that  the depth of the scratch is not consistent: the front foot and the heel  grains are deeper while the middle scratch is much shallower.

The midsole technology LIGHTSTRIKE is printed on the heel, which is distinctive and recognizable. But the problem is that the shoe have twisted signs after you wear it for only several times.

The first impression you will get when you put on the shoes is that the shoes are quite light weight and soft. Notwithstanding there are very few shoelace holes, the wrapping is still online.


In the preliminary testing,  I also brought with me two other pairs of shoes that also use LUGHTSTRIKE: ,N3XT L3V3L+ HARDEN 4. At the moment, the biggest feeling of LIGHTSTRIKE lingering on my mind is  that it is light in weight and quick in response. However, the cushioning can only be said to be above average. For these three pairs that use LIGHTSTRIKE, the cushioning is: N3XT L3V3L > DAME 6 > HARDEN 4. If you don’t require too much of the cushioning, then this is a nice model for you and you might as well take it into consideration.



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Air Jordan Pro Strong Performance Review

After a long period of testing, I am finally here to write down this review and in the hope that you can gain something. I believe that every review entails many a testings and can provide facts so that fans’ won’t feel their expectations are down the drain. So I’ve brought the Air Jordan Pro Strong here for today’s review.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the appearance of the shoes. Definitely, a shoe’s appearance is important and it is something many people care about when buying shoes because the appearance is to the shoe what the faces are to we humans. On the face of it, the shoe is black as  a whole. But on the other hand, it goes well with our everyday wear or outfits. With some white designs on the upper and under the sole, the shoe is not any more simple as it looks. Well, it is certain that the Air Jordan Pro Strong is not the nicest shoes ever met by we fans, but, from my perspective,  the shoes’ appearance can be said to be superior.

Take a look at the cushioning then. This Air Jordan Pro Strong adopts fanshaped zoom in the front and sole at the rear. The setup is classic and I don’t think one can find fault with it. An interesting point is that from the insole you can see the cushioning unit. Some reviewers said there were nothing to talk about the cushioning because of the fact that it was enough for usage. But I consider it necessary to mention it and here I am giving you some feelings I had before.

During testing the cushioning is quite enough for me and I think it goes the same for average players. When I was wearing it, whether I was walking or running, I felt like I was stepping on a foam which is quite soft and elastic. But the fact is that I just felt the soft cushioning some time later when I got used to the shoes.

Concerning the supporting, I like it best. The midsole uses two layers of plastic sheet, which feels hard under the feet the first time you wear the shoes. However, the problem is that the shoe’s anti-resist performance might not be that satisfying. But it can’t be a deal breaker, either.

Some of my friends who have also this Air Jordan Pro Strong observed that the shoes can not overall live up to their expectations. For my money, the blames lies in the wrapping and the insole at the back barely fits their feet. Well, it is true that the wrapping isn’t nice: the artificial leather of the upper does a bad job. It seems there is no clear distinctions between the leather upper and plastic ones. And what’s worse is the leather upper brings no breathability, making the heat trapped inside the  shoe. When you are playing basketball, the tongue of the shoe will rub against the inside of the shoe, making a harsh plastic sound. To sum up, the wrapping is very bad.

Last but not the least, the durability of the outsole is nice although mine has some wear on the sole, which, however, is resulted from excessive and intensive training.


In general, this is an ordinary pair of shoes. Except the wrapping, the other setups are not bad and are most likely to satisfactory. But the chance that the shoe will gain great popularity is indeed slim. For me, it suits me moderately or maybe it is because my playing style is not professional. In short, it is still helpful in some circumstances, but do not expect too  much of it.

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AIR JORDAN DMP PACK Performance Review

I’ve finally come across a pair of shoes that impressed me at the first sight and it was at the first sight that I was given to it. The shoes are the AIR JORDAN DMP PACK. There is something in the shoes. The “DMP” in AIR JORDAN DMP PACK means Defining Moments Pack. The shoe is comprised of platinum AIR JORDAN XIII and black gold AIR JORDAN XIV and is made in homage to Michael Jordan’s winning in the 1998 NBA finals where he wore the Air Jordan XIII and Air Jordan XIV.

The fact is that on one would have thought that the 6th match consolidated his status in the basketball field in addition to representing the end of an era.

The AIR JORDAN XIII is mainly decent white in its appearance and decorated by a gorgeous gold. Besides that, the leather of the shoes is something that I must talk about.

The classic laser panther eye of Air Jordan XIII in Air Jordan DMP Pack is a far cry from the previous edition, which indicates Michael Jordan’s breathtaking image of “THE SHOT” and “98” in game 6 of 1998. So, because of this design alone, I think many fans will take a fancy to this pair of shoes.

The tongues of  Air Jordan XIII are respectively printed with “THEY CAN’T WIN” and “UNTIL WE QUIT”. I wanna say that the shoes are fantastic and they are “going rampant” on streets someday.

The other shoe of the AIR JORDAN DMP PACK is the black gold AIR JORDAN XIV, which echoes the platinum AIR JORDAN XIII. Somehow, I found that, from my own perspective, the sheer black leather in the upper is as impressive as the shiny gold at the collar and mid-sole support. And somewhat the shoes are unique and superb.

For my money, AIR JORDAN XIII  and AIR JORDAN XIV of Air Jordan DMP Pack are already inviting. However, the fact is that the shoe box is as well compelling and striking. Just a glimpse of it will make you fascinated and wonder what is more fascinating inside it. With the eye-catching black and the gold letters in the front of the shoe box being the first bewitching point, most fans just can not resist its temptation. 

And of course, the “1998” and JUMPMAN LOGO must not be absent in the shoe box. They are on behalf of those impressing events before.

Not with the exception of the shoe box, the lining paper inside also has printings the same as that on the box.

You can as well surprisingly find that there are prints of Michael Jordan’s game data, which is quite rare.


In summary, this pair of shoes are not an average one. There are some stories behind AIR JORDAN DMP PACK and somehow you may be given to it just like me. In the hope that you may love the shoe and find it helpful, I think  it more important that it suits you rather than blindly following the trend.

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Pump King Pro TT Performance Review

The EZ editor is finally here and he is here to share with Pump fans the PUMA KING series. So is there any stories behind these shoes? Is there any intriguing things? Which pair of the shoes is the most compelling? Let’s go on reading.

The editor is professional in this respect because he has been playing football for nearly 30 years and paying attention to professional football equipment for nearly 20 years.

He is also very experienced in actual combat and of course, he knows which shoes suit his feet best. In this review he chose this Pump King Pro TT to company him on court. Then how about its performance?

This black shoes are actually the PUMA KING Pro TT, the first Pro football shoe of King series after being updated.

This black shoe uses “half-kangaroo-skin” in the upper. The leather, which is of superior quality, covers almost the fore part of the upper, bringing great comfort and softness.

Notwithstanding the natural leather used in the upper, the shoe also adopts a very modern integrated fabric tongue, which provides excellent wrapping and support for wearers while also prevent colloidal particles from entering the shoe during combat.

The sole is more than suitable for football court. And even if you want to exercise on plastic courts or rugged grounds, the outsole with “nails” can handle them easily.

After checking the shoe with care, I found that there were some details worth mentioning, say, the toe part which has been added with anti-wear suede material so that the durability of the natural leather on the upper is guaranteed while at the meantime player’s potential is not influenced.

As is said by the editor that his experience was fantastic. One of the impressions was that the upper’s wrapping was superb. Hence, I can not resist the temptation to experience it by myself and so I copped one pair of this Pump King Pro TT. Then I should say that the shoe deserves the reputations it enjoys. I feel like that I am just wearing a pair of socks, making it easier for me to focus on my match. 

The outsole has a very good performance on the ordinary artificial grass court. With the smooth ground grip, there won’t be much slippage.

Having said that, the shoe is not perfect. The disadvantages are also apparent: the shoe is slender in terms of its shoe type,  the height of toe is a bit low and the tongue is not soft enough.

Another thing I have to mention is that this PUMA shoe is highly cost-effective. Among the mainstream of TF shoes in the current market, the PUMA KING Pro TT has the best setups whereas its price is the lowest. I think most fans will not let the opportunity slip by.


To sum up, I highly recommend this shoe to football players as well as those who are given to sports. Whether you choose this model or not, I am still in the hope that all EZers can stick to their love of football like EZ editor-in-chief and they can find their suitable shoes to company with.

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Asics MetaRide Performance Review

At the first sight of Asics MetaRide, honestly, I can’t help thinking of MetaRun also released by Asics and which was said to be the most powerful unprecedented long-distance running shoes. The Asics MetaRun was, in retrospect, the most popular model that almost everyone was going after in 2015. It was the one that gathered the newest tech of Asics that year; it was also a limited version and the global number was 60000 pairs. So it is no wonder that it gained a great popularity.

Later Asics released another running shoes: the Asics MetaRide. Unlike MetaRun, this Asics MetaRide is, for many people, unforgettable with its futuristic appearance. So let’s check it together.

The Asics MetaRide running shoes, as have been mentioned earlier, is a limited model. With its black shoe box and the special unique colorway, the shoe looks very impressive and also has a strong visual impact. The black and red matches each other very well and the dark gold added a little nobility to the shoe.

The upper of Asics MetaRide adopts the CIRCULAR knitting technology. The fore upper is made of elastic material with strong contraction force and great breathability. So even if you are exercising in hot summer days, you can feel very dry under your feet. As for the outside layer, it is used for protection and prevent the shoe from wearing out.

On both sides of the midsole, the recognizable gold Asics line logo is not only an ornament but also plays an important role in supporting the upper.

The Asics MetaRide uses flat, non-slip shoelaces to avoid frequent needs to fasten the laces. In terms of the actual wearing experience, the lock on the instep is firmer after the laces are fastened. And the tongue is fitted with a lace-fixing hole to prevent the tongue from slipping. Also, the stereo gold Asics MetaRide logo helps identify the running shoe.

There is foam filler inside the tongue, which is ample and makes the shoe more comfortable. But for another thing, it increases the shoe’s weight.

Asics MetaRide is equipped with external stabilizers at the heel which is named METACLUTCH by Acics. But different from the average heel stabilizers, METACLUTCH covers a big area of the heel, so it fits and sticks to the wearer’s feet very well.

The multi-layer midsole of this shoe is the essence of this Asics MetaRide. The upper layer adopts FLYTEFOAM which originally appeared on Metarun and over the years, we can see it on Asics shoes because gradually it becomes more and more popular. In terms of performance, the FLYTEFOAM is hard as well as lightweight. Honestly speaking, from my perspective, it is, to a great extent, to my satisfaction. So you might as well have a try if you want to experience it in the flesh. For the lower layers, the shoe uses the FLYTEFOAM PROPEL, which is softer, more resilient than upper layers.

The Asics MetaRide equips some ace cushioned material REARFOOT GEL between the two heel layers, providing enough protection for the heel.

After Asics MetaRide was released, a new concept of the GUIDESOLE technology has been put forward, which is an essential difference from traditional ones. However, it should be pointed out that Asics MetaRide’s sole 31 mm thick. During the period of exercise, by reducing energy consumption at the ankle, the ankle fatigue at the ankle can then be reduced.

Another tech Asics adopts is the 3D GUIDANCE LINE in the sole. The mechanical design, on the once hand, ,makes the walking or running process more flexible, and on the other hand, reduces the shoe’s weight greatly.

When it comes to the outsole, the new Asics GRIP SOLE outsole, which had a strong grip, but the problem is the grip is barely satisfactory in rainy days or on wet grounds.

In terms of insoles, Asics MetaRide is equipped with highly springy 3D insoles for soft fit and comfortable experience.

A shoe weighs 299 grams or so. From my point of view, this is an average job done by Asics.

Asics shoes are said to have excellent wrapping. But of all the Asics shoes that are lying in my shoe cabinet , I like this MetaRide best for it has nice wrapping. However, I am a wide footer, so the outside of  the toe part causes a slight pressure.

Asics MetaRide is a combination of a variety of materials through mechanical and physical structure design. The impressive appearance, the excellent midsole and new tech are all inviting for we running shoe fans. It is a bit expensive though,   it is still worthwhile trying.

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Mizuno WAVE ZEST Performance Review

Mizuno is a sports brand founded in 1906 in Japan and has a history of more than one hundred years. Also, it has now become the world’s leading  manufacturers in clothing, shoes and sports equipment. Particularly, its professional status in the field of running shoes is well-known. Over the years,  Mizuno has spared no effort in doing its best and serving its customers so that it can have the achievements we see today. The WAVE ZEST I am going to talk about today is a continuation of mizuno’s WAVE technology and it also combines the ancient style with modern tech, which is very inviting for many runners.

When I got the shoe, I got quite a start because the blue shoe box was really nice. And as soon as I opened the box, I got startled once again. To tell the truth, I have seen a lot of splash-ink paintings, but never has I seen any shoes with splash-ink vamps. So this Mizuno WAVE ZEST is unique and is special for me. The colorway of this one is black and white. With the silver logo at the side, the shoe, as a whole, is very striking.

The fore part of the vamp is loose and is very friendly to wide footers. Like Asics shoes, this one suits most of us. The mesh vamp adopts the AIRmesh tech, which is widely seen in our life and whose breathability performance is similar to that of the average shoes.

And then it comes to the tongue. There is nothing special in it. Printed on it are some basic information of the shoe. And for the insole, it is pure white with a black logo on it and made of a foam and two layers of suppressed mesh cloth. For many runners, the insole is something of a shoe that really counts because it is the insole that directly touches their feet. Besides, the softness of the insole have a great bearing on the foot feeling, so it’s on wonder that many people, especially long-distance runners, have high requirement of the insole. However, it is highly suggested that the insole be ungraded for I can not see any advantage or feature of it. In that case, there isn’t any difference between the insole and the others.

The outsole is one of the most impressive part for me. Its appearance is very nice and above all, tt performs not bad. The X10 wear-resistant outsole contains abundant carbon element, greatly increasing the durability. This has been embodied in my experience: the shoe has been my companion for some time and even after intense exercises, the sole remained intact.

The shoes weigh 550 grams. Studies have found that every 100 g of  weight reduce of shoes will reduce the wearer’s metabolic rate by 1.11%.  So thanks to new material of Mizuno WAVE ZEST, the shoe is light and enough and the cushioning is far better. 

In the first several days of getting the shoes, I would wear the shoes wherever I went. It was a bit hard under the feet, but after a few days’ getting along with it, I became more familiar with it.

You can elicit a conclusion that the shoe looks very nice from every perspective and it can also match with various dressings.

It is worth mentioning that the tongue of this shoe is very comfortable and soft. It is a bit longer than average ones, which can be a wrapping-enhancer after fastening the shoelaces.

By some  testing, I found that the shoe has excellent cushioning and gripping, which may be resulted from the support of mizuno tech. However, the shoe is never a good choice if you want to run in mountains or rugged grounds.


After checking the performances of this shoe, I think you must have had a choice in your brain. It is  undisputed that every shoe has its cons and pros and so does this Mizuno WAVE ZEST. As a pair of running shoes, it is more than suitable for jogging and it is to most people’s satisfaction. Anyway, however good the shoe is, the decision is live to you. 

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New Balance FuelCell Impulse Performance Review

Nowadays in the world full of various shoes brands, New Balance still remains true to the original aspiration and is striving hard to its ambitions. Founded in 1906 in Boston, the American city of marathon, New Balance  is known as “the king of running shoes” and one of the top four running shoes. On November 4, 2018, the New york marathon, one of the world’s six largest marathons, kicked off as scheduled. Albeit I wasn’t on the scene, I still felt lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test this New Balance FuelCell Impulse. If you want to know whether the shoe agrees with you, then just gon on checking with me. 

A single shoe weighs 232 grams. I have to admit that this is a tremendous job New Balance has done and it seems never did it fail me in this respect.

The appearance of New Balance FuelCell Impulse, from my point of view, differs from many ordinary ones in that it adopts the black shoe body, making the whole somewhat “mysterious”. You can see in the vamp, the tongue and the shoelaces the glittering  NYC logo. And if you do not like this colorway, there are still other options for you. I am sure there must be one that fits you.

The vamp consists of two layers: the outside layer is the breathable TPU, offering support while the inner super-thin layer brings you comfort and nice wrapping experience. The  fabric upper makes the shoes to be very breathable and light,  allowing in extra air. And the sides having not printed logos this time, the shoe looks very simple but it is practical in fact.

As the New Balance FuelCell Impulse adopts the one-piece inner boot design, the wrapping is very good, avoiding the situation that the tongue of the shoe goes off during exercise. The shoe tongue is printed with the gold logo which is also indispensable in the insole. In hot summer days, the thin and breathable insole can perfectly fit your feet and help dissipate heat when you are running. Besides, the toe part has a certain extent of elasticity and support and meanwhile protects your toes from injury.

The midsole is made of RevLite EVA foam and FuelCell nitrogen with the former supporting most part of the midsole and the latter just a thin layer. Actually, it is the foam that offers nice response and feedback. Having tested the shoe, what is most impressive of the shoe, for me, is the tech in fore part, which gives me efficient cushioning as well as sufficient rebound.

The rubber is used in the heel and the forefoot, the fore part a novel design. As for the heel, it is surrounded with rubber for it wears out easily. The LOGO of “New Balance” is printed on the parallel line and the foam of RevLite is in the middle.The reduction in rubber made the shoes lighter, bringing less burden to wearers. 

The feeling that the shoe is breathable and comfortable always remains in my mind however long the time has passed. If asked to sump up the shoe in a word, there is only one word surging into my mind: nice!

In the first trial of running, my experience was that the shoe rubbed my feet and caused some pain at the heel because the shoes were new. But later the pain disappeared. And during the whole process of running the shoe wrapped my feet superbly. That impressed me a lot. Then even after 5 miles of running, I did not in the least feel any sweat under my feet and the rebound effect is not degraded after running for a long time.

When I was running on slopes, the fore part of the shoe gripped nicely so that it reduced shock, preventing my knees from injuries.


To summarize, the fabric upper makes the running experience unforgettable, which is resulted from its lightness and breathability; in terms of the appearance, it is simple but graceful; the cushioning is also an excellent setup: the combination of Foam and FuelCell nitrogen is a work of originality; what’s more,  its strong feedback can cope with a variety of problems; the upper also sticks to your feet nicely whatever kind of action you do. So just believe it and you will get surprised by its performance.