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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Performance Review

I have long interested in Pegasus and enjoyed the experiences it brought me. So the minute I saw this Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37, I just couldn’t wait to take a shot and I felt quite honored to show you something regarding this shoe .

Over the past 4 years, I have worn out 10 running shoes, most of which are Nike shoes. Like many runners, I started with the Zoom fly though, it really does a help. It is safe to say that in the past 2 years, Nike has improved a lot and brought a brand-new trend for the running shoes in the market: both the technology of carbon board and the perfect combination of the thick sole and light weight are the highlights pursued by many fans.

For me who is a heavy runner, I feel it hard to manipulate Zoom fly and Next%. So I finally turned to Pegasus which turns out to be an excellent helper.

I can say without exaggeration that the first sight alone of this Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 makes me obsessed with it. And chances are that many of you will get impressed with the shoe as well. The overall shape is very smooth and all the details indicate the originality of the designer. Besides, I can tell from the shoes that Nike made great efforts in balancing the functions and the exterior design, making the shoes quite “clever”. But anyway, it is only in the eye of the beholder.

(the asymmetrical toe design is compelling)

(the Zoom and iconic logo in the insoles)

(again, the shoe tongue design is asymmetrical. It is light and wraps well.)

(the two-color midsole is a visual transition and also indicates different materials used in the front and rear parts.)

(the classic heel design)

The upper of Pegasus37 is made of double-density engineering mesh and the toe provides support in part. My feet are relatively wide and after trying the Vomero12 , I ditched the initial thought of buying it. Then I tried this Pegasus37. To be honest, I felt it did not fit my feet very well, neither. And disappointment ensued. But before long, the cloud of disappointment faded away after I started running because the wrapping in the vamp finally replaced the feeling of tightness. And the air permeability of the upper was also excellent, which made me like the shoes all the more.

Pegasus37 is equipped with Zoom air cushion as well as the React foam, and according to official introduction, the thickness of the cushion has been increased and can meet the demand of different gender. During long runs, runners can feel the steady and powerful shock relief which should be credited to the nice setup.

Pegasus37 “succeeded” the classic outsole design of Pegasus series. The texture is clear and the fact is the grip is very nice and satisfying. It is the excellent grip that increases my confidence so that I can even keep on exercising even on wet and slippery roads.

A single shoe weighs 272.6 grams. It is amazing that Nike has done such a tremendous job in this aspect with the thick sole.


Again, subjectively, the Pegasus37 overwhelmed others in its appearance; it also wins a complete victory over Kinvara and Boston with its wrapping. And its cushion is nice though, it is not outstanding. In a nutshell, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is overall excellent. And I am expecting more surprises of it..

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UA Curry 7 Performance Review

As you know, UA Curry 7 has been released for a long time. Since Curry 4, I haven’t purchase Curry series basketball shoes. I’m disappointed at its performance, moreover, the price is high. Let’s have a look at the performance review of UA Curry 7 today.


  1. Excellent Traction Performance

The outsole of UA Curry 7 is constituted by herringbone and semicircle lines. The one that I bought is grey rubber outsole. Some models is semi-transparent crystal outsole. The traction performance is excellent, I haven’t slipped when playing basketball on indoor wood floor.

▼Excellent traction performance

The abrasive resistance of grey rubber sole should be good. I’m not sure for the abrasive resistance of semi-transparent crystal outsole.

▼It seems that the abrasive resistance is good

  1. Good Supporting Performance

The key point of Curry 7 design is for the supporting performance.

The vamp of Curry 7 is mesh fabric, synthetic leather and TPU plate. The overall supporting performance is good. And the insole is upturning, it’s stable.
▼ The insole is upturning

The visible fluorescent light yellow TPU is the anti-torsion support which run through the insole and shoe heel. It doesn’t have special reinforcement on the shoe head, as the material of vamp it not thin.
▼The anti-torsion support is good.

▼The TPU on shoe heel is strong


  1. The cushion configuration is high, but the cushion performance is not good enough

Curry 7 uses Micro G with Hovr technology. It’s expectable. But after testing, I can’t feel the obvious feedback of cushion performance. My weight is 75kg. I’m not sure if the cushion performance will be different for different weight and playing way. If you have Curry 7 and you like its cushion performance, pls share your review with us.
▼Micro G + Hovr = Nothing

  1. Bad Fitness

We have motioned that Curry 7 has good supporting performance. But the shoe tree is a little wide for me. It can’t be adjusted by fastening the shoelaces.

And I feel that the shoe-pad is easy to slip. It’s hard to put on and take off. It doesn’t have dynamic shoelaces design.

Curry 7 is not suitable for most of people. Your feet can’t be too wide or too narrow, or your instep can’t be high.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7.5 star

Shoe Tree: a little wide

Size:it’s better to choose half size bigger.

As I mentioned in previous article, I think that the performance of Kyrie Flytrap III is similar to UA Curry 7. Curry 7 doesn’t fit me maybe due to my feet type. If your feet type is suitable to wear Curry 7, the performance will be better.

Overall, I’m disappointed at UA Curry series shoes. I think the signature shoe can be better. And the price is high. If you like the appearance of Curry 7 and you’re the fans of Curry, it’s not a problem to purchase it.

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Jordan React Elevation Performance Review

Today, let’s have a look at the new Jordan basketball shoes–Jordan React Elevation.

Size:US9 EUR42.5
Unit Weight:391g
The inner length is a little longer.

Many guys should thought that it’s the new colorway of Why Not Zer0.2 at the first sight. It’s similar to Why Not Zer0.2.

It’s called as Jordan React Elevation. The rear sole uses React. We can see React on the outside of rear sole. The green part of rear sole is React material.

The green rubber can prevent the deformation of shoe heel.

The forefoot of Jordan React Elevation is fan shaped Zoom Air Cushion. The area is the red part.

Actually, we can see the insole configuration on the leather of shoe heel.


The collocation of ZOOM on forefoot and React on shoe heel let me think of Converse G4. But the cushion area of Jordan React Elevation is bigger than Converse G4.

Many guys care about its anti-torsion performance.

We can see the arch supporting plate under the shoe-pad. With this piece of black stiff rubber, it seems that the strength of Jordan React Elevation is good.

The vamp design of Jordan React Elevation is similar to Why Not Zer0 series.

The main material of vamp is knitted material.

The purple part on shoe head is hot-melting reinforcement.

It has two pieces of leather on both side of vamp. With the shoelaces’ buckles, it can offer good support.

It has 6 couples of buckles. The 5th buckles are hidden on the inner side of vamp. It has purple and green hot-melting reinforcement on the outside of 6th buckle.

It has a piece of green knitted material on the middle of vamp. And it also has Jumpman logo.

There is a piece of counter on the shoe heel. And it has a piece of independent leather on the outside of shoe heel.

The forefoot outsole is herringbone design and the rear sole is helical slanting lines.

Overall, the shape of Jordan React Elevation is similar to Why Not Zer0.2. But we can find some differences.
Comparing with Why Not Zer0.2, the cushion area of Jordan React Elevation on forefoot is smaller. But with React on rear sole, the cushion performance of Jordan React Elevation is good.
Will Jordan React Elevation be suitable to the internal lines players.

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The hot Summer is a big challenge to shoe fans.

Jordan Brand will release AJ 11 Low for Spring and Summer every year

The low type design mix together with AJ11’s classic elements.

And Concord is the most popular colorway of AJ11 series.

The new AJ11 Low is blue and white colorway. It’s different with the classic black and white colorway of Concord.

It is still the low type design which is suitable for wearing in Summer.

The main colorway of vamp is white, and decorated with blue patent leather.

The vamp uses white leather, blue patent leather, textile fabric and black lining.

It keeps the classic elements and it’s decorated with black.

The outsole is blue crystal sole and has black durable rubber on the easily abraded part.

The white and blue colorway looks good. It’s very suitable for wearing in Summer.


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DELTA TRI OP Performance Review

DELTA TRI OP was born on DISC OSAKA, it’s developed by Desant and Swiss national triathlon team. It’s designed for the 10km triathlon running. The Swiss national team will also wear DELTA TRI OP to participate in Tokyo Olympic games. DELTA TRI OP is dedicated to making up for the lost of step size due to fatigue.


DELTA TRI OP has red and black one. The colorway that I tested is red one. It’s very attractive under sunshine.

The shoe tree of DELTA TRI OP is a little narrow. It’s not so wide like some running shoes. If your foot is wide type, it needs to choose half size or one size bigger. My foot is not wide, so I choose the normal size.

The vamp only has the Descente logo, it doesn’t have other decorative element. The design is succinct.

The shoe head is upwarping.

It has pull-tab design on the shoe heel for putting on and taking off.

The shoe-pad is printed with white Descente logo.

The Excellent Air Permeability and Permeability Performance

To coordinate with the competitive request of bare feet, Descente designed the Loose Layer Fit structure that reduces the seams in the shoe and keep the insole flat. Meanwhile, Descente used the innovative sewing bonding technique, so that the shoes can fit the foot very well, and it’s very comfortable.

In addition, in order to cope with the wet and humid environment in the competition, the vamp uses P.W upper mesh fabric which has excellent air permeability and permeability performance. It has drain hole on the shoe-pad and sole, and suppress the pressure of vamp due to water absorption. This kind of design is unusual.

The hollow-out shoe lacing holes and cyclic annular design is favour of air permeability and conductive to the athlete to change the shoes fastly.


After swimming and cycling, it will lose a lot of energy, step length will be shorten, the DELTA TRI OP devotes to make up the step length loss caused by fatigue, Descente develop the DELTA SYSTEM which can maximize the running impact absorption system in the bottom, which carry high stiffness enhanced KaRVO plastic layer plate on the basis of the fabric. It keeps the light insole and also offer flexible resilience and excellent cushion to offer running driving force. It’s similar to NIKE NEXT% running shoes which insert the carbon plate on the insole. The Delta system is the core of DELTA TRI OP. It can reduce the pressure when running 10km.

Durable Outsole:

The black rubber of outsole adds the graphene components which improve the abrasive resistance. With the special triangle cutting groove design, the traction performance is great.

Running Test

After wearing DELTA TRI OP, the first feeling is light. The weight is really quite light.

Secondly, it’s soft and elastic.

Third, the air permeability is great. I tested it at noon of Summer, but it’s not stuffy after running.

The running result of 10km exceeds the expectation. It’s amazing.


DELTA TRI OP devotes to make up the loss of strides due to fatigue to satisfy the competition request of professional triathlon athletes. It has excellent air permeability and water permeability. The insole has great cushion performance. The outsole is durable and has high traction performance. It’s a pair of perfect running shoes. It’s suitable for professional runners for daily training and competition.

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Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Performance Review

Many guys like Why Not Zer0.3. I also love the Why Not Zer0 series basketball shoes. Although Why Not Zer0.2 is not perfect, but it’s still a pair of excellent basketball shoes.

Why Not Zer0.3 still keeps the similar design and appearance as last series.


  1. Excellent ZOOM Turbo cushion performance

The forefoot sole of Why Not Zer0.3 uses the same ZOOM Turbo cushion as Kyrie 6. I love the cushion performance of Kyrie 6. The feedback is obvious.  The foam on shoe heel also has some cushion performance. Although it hasn’t used full-length cushion performance, but it’s already excellent. It should be able to satisfy the request of most of people.

Why Not Zer0.3 has adjusted the center of gravity.

▼Zoom Turbo cushion performance is excellent

  1. Traction Performance

The outsole of Why Not Zer0.3 is interesting. The pattern is intensive, it’s similar to lightning. The outsole of this colorway is XDR rubber. So the traction performance and abrasive resistance is great.

I haven’t slipped when playing basketball on indoor court. The traction performance is great. But it’s easy to absorb dust. After getting dust, the traction performance will decline.

▼The outsole pattern

I have tested about 8-10 hours, the outsole doesn’t have the obvious abrasion. The abrasive resistance is good. The shoe tag is also on the outsole like Why Not Zer0.2. It’s cool.
▼Good abrasive resistance

▼The shoe tag is on the outsole

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The main material of Why Not Zer0.3 vamp is mesh fabric. It has different reinforcement on different parts of vamp. It seems that partial shoelace holes are dynamic shoelaces. The fitness is good. The shoes can fit the foot very well. The part around upper is double-deck design. It’s comfortable and can fix the heel very well.

▼The main vamp material of Why Not Zer0.3 vamp is mesh fabric

▼The part around upper is double-deck design

▼Thickened upper

The same as Kyrie 6, Why Not Zer0.3 also uses buckle fastener design, but the area is smaller. Some guys who have high instep don’t fit Kyrie 6, but Why Not Zer0.3 will be a good choice. If you have high instep, you can choose not fasten the shoelaces.

▼The smaller buckle fastener

It has artificial lather to reinforce the toes. And it also has the same design around heel and outside of vamp. It’s not thick, but the overall weight, thickness and protection is good.

It has upturning design of insole. So the foot can be surrounded under the insole. The stability is good.

▼It has the reinforced design above the toes

▼The outsole is wide and stable

▼It has upturning design on the outsole

I’m surprised it seems that Why Not Zer0.3 doesn’t have TPU on the shoe heel. Or is the TPU too thin? I haven’t found it by hands. But it has the anti-torsion TPU plate on the sole. Although it may don’t have TPU on the shoe heel, but the overall strength is good.


The buckle fastener is easy to move. As the buckle fastener is slant, and it’s narrow, so it’s easy to shift when playing basketball. It’s a small disadvantage.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9.3 stars

Shoe Tree: a little narrow

Size: normal size
I’m satisfied at the overall performance of Why Not Zer0.3. The appearance is still Westbrook’s style. Why Not Zer0.3 has improved a lot comparing with Why Not Zer0.2. Some guys are worried about the center of gravity. But the center of gravity is ok for me, it’s stable.

Recently, Why Not Zer0.3 and Kyrie 6 are popular in the market. Many guys are entangled in choosing which one. I love both of them. The price is not very high as it’s special period now. I recommend you to purchase both of them if you can afford.

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Deconstructed NIKE KD 13 EP

NIKE KD13 uses full-length ZOOM STROBEL with extra ZOOM Air cushion on the forefoot sole. This kind of configuration is rarely appeared on NIKE basketball shoes, especially the excellent resilience of forefoot sole. What’s the specific configuration? Let’s see the details by deconstructing.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

We can see the construction of insole from the side section

The forefoot sole uses double layers of ZOOM Air cushion

The arch supporting plate

It’s semi-transparent from backlighting

After taking away the vamp, we can see that the inner sleeve can fit the foot very well.

The hot-melting front lining of inner sleeve improves the supporting performance and protection

The shoe-pad of shoe heel is printed with “THE PLANET OF HOOPS”

The full-length ZOOM STROBEL air cushion under shoe-pad has dents, which can improve the flexibility

The length of EUR42.5 full-length ZOOM STROBEL is about 276mm

The width of EUR42.5 full-length ZOOM STROBEL is about 86.17mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 full-length ZOOM STROBEL is about 7.80mm

After taking away the ZOOM STROBEL, we can see the extra independent ZOOM AIR cushion and hollow-out insole.

The independent ZOOM Air cushion cling to the full-length ZOOM STROBEL. It’s very comfortable.

The length of independent ZOOM Air is about 54.27mm

The width of independent ZOOM Air is about 82.16mm

The thickness of independent ZOOM Air is about 7.30mm

The thickness of double layers of ZOOM Air cushion is bout 14.83mm. That’s why it’s soft and elastic.

The TPU plate on the outboard of forefoot and arch part can stabilize the shoes.

We need to test to see actual effect of TPU.

The length of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 93.5mm

The width of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 38.6mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 arch supporting plate is about 2.22mm

Under the condition of depression, the thickness of forefoot insole and outsole is about 16.25mm

Under the condition of depression, the thickness of rear insole and outsole is about 24.59mm.

Let’s have a look at the difference of KD13 and KD12 insole structure.



KD13(above one) uses double layers of ZOOM Air cushion, the independent ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole has replaced the Phylon insole. The arch position adds TPU supporting plate. The insole is hollow out.

KD12(bottom one)uses double layers of ZOOM Air cushion. The independent ZOOM Air cushion of rear sole is closed to outsole. It has several punching holes on the PHYLON insole.

KD13 (left one) insole cushion supporting parts

KD12 (right one) insole cushion supporting parts

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: KD13 uses four axial Flywire mesh fabric vamp which is similar to KD12. It’s reinforced with leather and hot-melting material which improve the durability.

Insole: KD13 uses double layers of ZOOM Air cushion. It’s very comfortable and has good resilience. The arch supporting plate can stabilize the shoes well.

Overall: KD13 is the upgraded version of KD12. It makes up the disadvantages to improve the performance.

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Nike KD 13 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of NIKE KD 13

Suited Court: Indoor and outdoor court
Suited Players: both of light weight and heavy weight players
Suited foot type: all kinds of foot type, if you have high instep, we suggest to choose half size bigger.
Advantages: light, durability, air permeability, comfortable, high cost performance

We have played basketball with KD13 more than 10 hours, today we want to share our performance review of KD13 with you.
I think that the shoe tree of KD13 is the most perfect one comparing with other KD signature shoes.

I used to wear KD4 and KD9, the shoe tree is too narrow for me. So it’s hard for me to accept the shoe tree of KD series shoes.

But I feel comfortable when wearing KD 13.

When moving, my toes are pressed. So it’s better for me to choose half size bigger.

The vamp of KD13 is more concise than KD12. It doesn’t have double layers vamp and four directional Flywire. The vamp material looks cheap. But the fitness is good when moving. The unilaminar vamp has good air permeability.

The irregular outsole pattern has excellent traction performance. I haven’t slipped when playing basketball.

Comparing with KD12, the durability of KD13 outsole is better. We haven’t found any abrasion on the outsole after one week. It’s a big improvement. Although I haven’t tired on outdoor cement court, but it should be no problem to play basketball on outdoor court.

My most expected part of KD13 is insole.
Many guys doubt if the cushion performance of double air cushions on forefoot sole is good or not.

The cushion performance of double air cushions on forefoot sole is excellent. As it doesn’t have insole fabric, so the feedback is more obvious.

KD13 is suitable for light weight and heavy weight players.

Although it uses double air cushions on the forefoot sole, but it balances the center of gravity well.

The shoe-pad of KD13 is thick and stiff. To feel the ZOOM cushion performance more directly, it cancels the design of insole fabric as KD12. The cushion performance of KD12 insole is unexpected excellent. But the problem is that the insole is too soft. The starting speed is dilatory.

With the stiff shoe-pad, the feedback of KD13 insole is fast. Even if it has double air cushions on the forefoot sole, but the starting speed is still fast.

Comparing with KD12, the insole of KD13 is added with a piece of anti-torsion plate, which improves the stiffness. The anti-torsion performance is excellent, and it also improves the protecting performance.

After cancelling the hexagon ZOOM air cushion of rear sole, the cushion performance of rear sole hasn’t been reduced obviously. The stiff Phylon insole, thick shoe-pad and full-length ZOOM Air cushion keeps the excellent cushion performance.

But KD13 also has a disadvantage, that is, the anti-rollover performance.
The extension of forefoot sole is not obvious. Although it has a plastic plate, but the overall anti-rollover performance is bad.

If you have high request to the anti-rollover performance, we don’t suggest you to purchase KD13.
Overall Comment:
Fitness: 9 scores
Supporting performance of vamp: 9 scores
Feedback of forefoot sole: 10 scores
Cushion performance of rear sole: 9 scores
Anti-torsion Performance: 10 scores
Anti-rollover performance: 6 scores
Traction Performance: 9 scores
Protection: 8.5 scores
Supporting Performance: 9.5 scores
Stability: 9 scores
Overall: 89 scores

Till now, I think that the overall performance of KD13 will be the TOP 5 or TOP 3 shoes of 2020.

The appearance is not bad. And it has excellent cushion performance, traction performance and durability. It’s a pair of basketball shoes which is suitable for all positions. Maybe anti-rollover performance will be a hidden danger, but it’s a pair of signature shoes, the design is for satisfying the request of Kevin Durant. The recent KD series shoes don’t have good design for improving the anti-rollover performance.

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Air Jordan 13 Performance Review

The Air Jordan 13 is a well-recognized shoe, not only for its historical significance in the sneaker field, but also for its excellent performance on court. Among the early Air jordans, the Air Jordan 13 is one of the few modes that is still fascinating many people.  So to live up to fans’ affection for Jordan 13, in this review, I  will show more detainls concerning its actual performance.

Whether this pair of shoes can stand up to further tests has always been a heat topic among fans. So today I am here to reveal the answer for you who are concerned about this problem. One of my friends thinks that the setups and design of the shoe are very classic and of vital importance in improving the shoe’s on-court performance. However, compared with the modern sneakers with modern tech, the Jordan 13 will  seem a bit cumbersome. But with its solid materials an dnice design, the downside, I think, is offset. 

The basic materials used respectively are leather upper, sponge filler, conventional rubber outsole, midsole carbon board and Zoom air cushion.

The nearly perfect  stitching design is very helpful and nice and the shoe’s appearance is also outstanding. But a problem is that the toe will wrinkle easily, but not that serious as Air Jordan 1. Also, Air Jordan 13 is very comfortable in the upper which feels nice. After teseting this model, I am here to recommend that whether you want it for actual combat or just for daily wearing, it is a reliable comrade.

The classic separate ZOOM which often appears in Nike shoes is a really nice setup. I should sya that cushioning protection ability of the shoe is quite excellent even if it is the commonly seen tech. But from my perspective, Zoom is a bit too soft, which is not my  preference and makes the startup feedbakc somewhat inferior. But this only results in a somewhat poor court feel, its shock protection is actually good.

The outsole of the shoe is not only nice but also practical. The herringbone pattern, commonly seen though, grips well. And the combination of huge chassis and hercules endow this shoe efficient grip, providing a stable and reliable grip experience both indoors and outdoors.

I worried most about the wrapping of this Jordan 13 before I tested it. But surprisingly, after some  actual experience, instead of frustrating me, the shoe, I found, was most fantastic in its wrapping. But do pay attention that the size I bought is smaller than my usual one. Here’s a tip: when tying your shoes, push your heels back and tighten the laces as you do so to maximize the overall feel of the shoe.

The grain of sole looks very dense and very thick, but the sole rubber may not stand up to intense exercises or it it will worn out in no time. But as can be seen that the shoe is very thick in the sole, hence,  it is difficult to be worn out, either. And from an objective point, this is no a bad choice if you want a practical outdoor sneaker.

for breathability, maybe you won’t be expecting too much of it. The solid leather materials has  inevitably caused venting problems based on my experience. But to my surprise, the air holes on the tongue is not decoration to some extent or at least, you may sometimes find it is working. Overall, the breathability may equal that of Hyperdunk X.

in short, while many years have passed, the Air Jordan 13 still has a high combat status, and it’s the only shoe I am quite satisfied with. The solid setups, and the materials of the shoe is worth to be awared as “the brave warrior” on court. Anyway, you can just have a try and see if it can live up to your expectation.

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Adidas Pro Model 2G Performance Review

The debut of this Adidas Pro Model 2G , from my point of view, was impressive when I was wearing it for a basketball match. Admittedly, the features that make this shoe outstanding is its fantastic technologies. Some reviewers said that the shoe performs nicely that it can live up to its reputation. Objectively speaking, this is ture.

Of course, the 2019 version is definitely not as simple as the OG original, or it would have been totally out of sight and disappeared from the market. The original EVA in the midsole has been replaced by adidas’s particular  Bounce cushioning ,which is printed at the heel, and at the mean time, the price of this model remains affordable, which is sure to be great news for many fans.

As for its appearance, I think that the chance that this Adidas Pro Model 2G will be out of fashion is indeed slim. Adidas’ shoes are, for the most part, of classical models and have a dominating position in the market. The combination of the balck and white is simple but do not lack delicateness.

After several rounds on inside court, the shoe’s feature is seen clearly: the Bounce is quite bouncy and also responsive and it even becomes more resilient when there is pressure. For the wrapping, it is of traditional type, which means this is an ordinary respect for the shoe. Notwithstanding the hard leather vamp, there is no doubt whatsoever that the overall wearing experience is nice.

The stiff toe, which is authentically the same as that of adidas Super Star, can be a bit bothering though, but you will get used to it some time later. But for wide footers, I do not think it will be a friendly model.

In some cases, the reason many people will buy one model is because of the so called “Feelings”. And this goes the same for me. Since there are a lot of excellent shoe with high-tech setups in the market, many people do not lack an excellent model in their shoe closet. Therefore, many poeple now return to the “Feelings” to memorize their past.

Because the vamp is made of light leather, the performance of air permeability of course slump greatly and the leather deforms easily. Honestly, this is a fatal point and it sets some fans back.

The sole of the fish-bone grain has nice grip and hitherto there hasn’t been any slipping phenomenon. On my combat at weekends, it peroformed far better than I had expected. But for the said Bounce, I still need some time to get used to it.

Back to the issue that matters most: the price. I should say that the shoe is actually affordable. As the New Year has just passed by and with such a friendly price, why not pick up  a pair of Adidas Pro Model 2G to welcome your another new start.

What really matters is that the shoes you bought or you are going to buy is not just a nice basketball shoe, but also an experience and a memory.