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Comparison of AJ 6 and AJ 11

Talking about AJ shoes, what first comes into your mind? Right! Most of you will be considering which one to choose. Today I’d like to make a comparison of AJ 6 and AJ 11, both of which are also preferred by many girls. Go on checking then.

The two models have accompanied me for several years and they are right there in my shoe cabinet. Therefore, I think I have a say in comparing the two versions. 

First of all, personally, when buying shoes I’d like to the one offering a nice foot feel. After all, comfort is prior to everything. So as regards this respect,  AJ 6, I think, is very stiff and not so friendly to my feet because I am a wide footer. But anyway, it is still enough for some outing, say, shopping. However, if you must wear it for basketball playing, it is highly recommended to change the insoles to much softer ones.

But when it comes to AJ 11, I must rave about it in this aspect. AJ 11 is a very comfortable basketball shoe. It is more than enough to wear the shoes to play basketball, let alone to go shopping. The outsole of the shoe is especially excellent: Even if the soles are oxidized, the crystal sides just remain intact. Another big advantage of the AJ11 is its grip, which is in contrast to AJ 6 which almost has no grip.

The one thing that makes AJ 11 worse than AJ 6 is the wrapping. The AJ 11 wraps around the ankles moderately, while the AJ 6 wraps around the ankles comfortably and reliably. But of course, since people have different foot type, this kind of feeling is just in the eye of the beholder.

To sum up, if you want to look good instead of playing balls, you are suggested to choose AJ 6. But if you have to take into account the shoes’ actual performance, then try AJ 11.

For the size, if you want to pick AJ 6 and  if you are a wide footer, you’d better choose a normal size. And for people who are very thin, then it is advised to pick a smaller size. As for AJ 11, the sizes are all accurate.

The Darth Vader Air Jordan 6, which is all black and appears to be suede covered, exhales some kind of mystery.

As for this colorway, it is presented in a very classic and eye-catching way. The carminum Air Jordan 6, with its original high-top style, complemented by simple black, white and red, is still very avant-garde in the creative shoe body .

The AJ6 “DMP,” with its sleek black ox-leather upper and gorgeous gold detailing, is still a big hit this year.

And this AJ 11 which looks very cool has been injected with another 2 highlights. The first is the silver “Jordan” decorated in the lace holes, a design previously only seen on the Air Jordan 11 in the DMP.

With a simple white base and black leather, this low-top one looks quite familiar with Concord colorway at first glance as well as  classic and have a lingering charm.

The Ray Allen Air Jordan 11 PE, with its classic high-top styling and  grain leather, is also a very classic edition. But the most eye-catching detail lies in the gold Jumpman Logo on the heel which is very shiny!